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What's This? I'm Back Online? Tubular! - Maurice Wright

What’s This? I’m Back Online? Tubular!

Hello all, I’m back online!

Yes, it has been a very long and arduous task getting my online presence back in shape. All from realigning my social media to designing, developing, and testing this website. There has been a lot of things going on in my life and there’ll be plenty of posts in the future as to what happened and why. But enough of that for now, let’s talk about now!

Social Media… lots of it!

One of the first major steps I’ve been working on since coming back is getting all of my social media accounts in shape. From deleting accounts I made for some reason or another (and never used) to changing the very weak passwords and using the relatively new (to me at least) two-step verification. The process has been slow, and I admit, as of the posting of this I have yet to go through all of my accounts. My plan as long as things hold here is to be more present on social media other than Bookface… or Facebook. I want to increase my use of the other platforms and see just how far I can go with them… or determine I don’t need them. I also took the liberty of updating my picture to that below.

Picture of Maurice Wright used online

Other Online Accounts

Along with my push into realigning my social media, it became apparent that my other online necessities were also needing change. I have technically only three e-mail addresses and fifteen forwarding addresses to the aforementioned three. Yes, I know, that’s a lot! I went ahead and took the liberty of upgrading the security of the accounts, then proceeded to root out unnecessary forwarders. Might I dare say that today’s online folk need quite a bit to keep themselves in the forefront of an online presence!

What to Expect

With so many things in the balance right now, I’d rather not speculate or force myself into a set plan yet. There’s far too much on my plate and it needs to be organized. But as I stated above, I will be increasing my online presence on different social media platforms and writing down some great thoughts for this blog! So stay tuned, and as always, please feel free to comment, that’s why the form is there below!


  1. Amanda Lockey

    Well things look great. Glad to see you finally have something up! I love that you have markdown activated to. The only thing is did you have to bring up whack a roach? That was the worst game you made! Could have been anything else, but nope, you chose roaches!

    • Thanks for the feedback! And yes, there were no other choices. After all, everyone else had chosen something cute. Had to make it rememberable.

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