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The Projects of Maurice Wright - Front-end Designer & Developer

Personal Portfolio 2016

Complete overhaul of my portfolio website integrating the use of WordPress. Redesigned my personal logo to better fit my mood and realigned the color scheme to better match the logo.

HTML, Sass, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Grunt, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sublime Text

AddictiveG – Minecraft Server

Developed a Java plug-in for the group's on-line Minecraft server which would enable the website to display a user list of players currently playing on the server. Also provided troubleshooting and maintenance to the server and Minecraft itself.

Java, SQL, PHP, WordPress, Eclipse, Sublime Text

AddictiveG – Website

Developed and designed a blog-style website for the Australian gaming group. Using WordPress, the staff are able to provide game articles, and YouTube video integration allows video content to be distributed. Integrated BBPress forum allows users to communicate within the group all through the same site. Also worked with the owners to integrate PayPal donations to be accepted through the website.

HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, BBPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Sublime Text

American Red Cross – Inventory App

Full Sail Univ. Project

Created an on-line version of the organization's antiquated inventory system utilizing CodeIgniter as my final project for my degree. Followed the best practices of workflow from planning to final release over a four month period. Allowed users at a local level to manage the inventory of an operation while allowing those at the warehouse and above to see overall how inventory was being utilized over multiple operations. Also allowed warehouse users to add and maintain overall inventory for the whole organization.

HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQLi, CodeIgniter, Illustrator, Sublime Text

Charity Wash

Full Sail Univ. Project

Designed and developed an on-line web application using CodeIgniter. Integrated user interaction which allowed users to see and post charity car washes in their area as an overlay on Google Maps. Users could create accounts with Facebook integration, manage events as a group, share to social media, and pay with PayPal integration.

HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQLi, CodeIgniter, Illustrator, Sublime Text

CSSMania App

Full Sail Univ. Project

Designed and developed an Adobe AIR app to allow users to search the CSSMania gallery utilizing their API. Worked with CSSMania to provide proper queries and enhance overall API functionality through recommendations and test-use. The finished app was recognized for its responsiveness and user interface.

ActionScript, Flash, Adobe Air, JSON, AJAX, Illustrator

Flash Mini-Games

Full Sail Univ. Project

Created multiple on-line mini-games in Flash for my degree. The games included Whack-a-Roach, Space Pong, Sandwich Shop, and Flower Power. The games were given high marks for their coding efficiency and design.

HTML, CSS, Flash, Illustrator, Media Encoder

Personal Portfolio 2012

Full Sail Univ. Project

Designed a single-page website to showcase my skills and abilities in HTML5 and CSS3 as well as demonstrate an ability to provide accessibility measures for the disabled.

HTML, CSS, Sublime Text

Bruner’s Computers

Redesigned and maintained a responsive web interface to allow customers to shop available inventory. Created a back-end shop inventory management system and maintained the company's private e-mail server.

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Dreamweaver, Photoshop

American Red Cross – Capital Area Chapter

Redesigned and maintained the local chapter's website. Provided guidance on document storage and access through the website. Designed marketing material for ongoing community projects while also providing e-mail server support.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Joomla, PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver, Photoshop

Personal Portfolio 2007

Designed and developed my first version of my portfolio using self-taught skills and techniques. Included a basic guestbook and personal calendar.

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Notepad++